The Future of 
Vascular Bio-Technology


Integene is a privately held biotechnology company based in Miami, Florida, developing a platform gene therapy technology capable of treating a broad base of vascular diseases, including peripheral arterial disease (PAD), coronary artery disease (CAD) and solid hypoxic tumors. The treatments are based on our proprietary "Gene Switch" technology for hypoxia-targeted gene expression.

The Company has an experienced management advisory team with a business strategy to focus first on optimized gene-based treatment and prevention strategies for PAD, developed in parallel with treatments for CAD and solid metastatic tumors.

Our goals are to advance the PAD indication to a Phase I/II clinical efficacy and safety study in 2018/19, then partner with a pharmaceutical company upon the achievement of positive clinical results (estimated in 2020). Treatments of CAD, heart failure and tumors using the same Gene Switch technology are being pursued in parallel. 

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