The Future of 
Vascular Bio-Technology


Integene was founded in 2010 by Keith Webster, Ph.D. to capitalize on patented technology designed to optimize a Gene Therapy protocol we are calling "Divar-ig", which stands for Directional vascular regeneration by intelligent genes. 

Dr. Webster and his team, in association with the University of Miami Florida, have spent the past 20 years developing this technology for regulating vascular regeneration within tissues to provide an optimized therapy for ischemia related disease by initiating DIRECTIONAL vascular regeneration, in contrast to the "chaotic" vascular regeneration produced by other therapies in development.

Preclinical research to date has shown that this technology presents the first treatment that can regenerate a complete femoral artery and, therefore, could potentially prevent amputation in people with end-stage critical limb ischemia.

Integene has assembled an experienced team of product development, regulatory, scientific, and business experts and anticipates commencing Phase I/II clinical trials in the US in 2016. 

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