The Future of 
Vascular Bio-Technology


The Integene technology is a patented “gene switch” we call Divar-ig (directional vascular regeneration by intelligent genes).  This switch directs activity exclusively to regions of ischemia to promote directional growth of new blood vessels that act as natural by-pass conduits to deliver oxygenated blood, resolve ischemia and, therefore, prevent amputation (see diagram below).  

The gene switch automatically extinguishes therapeutic gene expression when blood flow resumes, thereby reducing the potential for adverse effects by eliminating gene expression systemically - a process no other gene therapy has been able to accomplish to date.

The technology has undergone extensive non-clinical testing, showing the first clear evidence of directional, organized blood vessel regeneration with high efficacy as compared to other technologies in clinically relevant animal models of CLI - achieving greater than 90% limb salvage.

Divar-ig represents a breakthrough in the field of angiogenic gene therapy since it is the first to provide such a rational, organized gene therapy approach to vascular regeneration which mimics embryonic angiogenesis.  Disorganized vessel growth results when growth factors are delivered to tissues in an unregulated manner, which is one of the primary reason for the failure of clinical trials conducted to date for PAD/CLI.  Such disorganized growth could actually exacerbate ischemia by diverting blood flow to leaky capillary beds. Divar-ig has been designed to address all the likely reasons for failure of previous gene therapy protocols and has demonstrated the first ever known total femoral artery regeneration with greater than a 90% limb salvage rate.
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